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Odessa and Belhorod - Dnistrovskiy

In late March, traveled to Odessa on the competition in Odessa catacombs. After the competition I have left a few days, and I decided to visit the Belgorod - Dnestrovskiy fortress. In Belgorod - Dniester can be reached by train, but better by bus. Buses depart from the railway station of Odessa. Fare 15 hryvnia. Two hours later you're in town.A little walk around the city and you are near the fortress.

Akermanskaya fortress - the largest in Ukraine. The area of the fortress around 9 hectares. The fortress was built on the remains of the ancient city of Tyre. From the east castle washed by the Dniester estuary, with others - is surrounded by a moat of width 14 and depth of 20 meters.From the estuary is a garrison court, in which the citadel. Fortress besieged many times and for three centuries was under Turkish rule. Finally passed to Russia after the Russian-Turkish War 1806 - 1812 year. Now the fortress is a museum.
The main gate of the fortress


Siege weapons

On the visit of the fortress took me four hours. Entrance fee 5 hryvnia.
The next day I returned to Odessa. Walk around the city, made a lot of photos. City preparing for the day of laughter - April 1.
Odessa museum

Monument to Catherine II

Odessa opera house

Golden child monument

Home - wall

In the evening sat on the train and went home - in Kharkov.