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Karpatian may 2010

In this year we went to a traditional tour of Western Ukraine. In the direct train we went to the spa town Truskavets. The train goes through almost all of Ukraine, and after 20 hours we arrived in Truskavets.

We immediately went to the park to the mineral waters. The park has two large pump-room, and several sources.

 Truskavets mineral waters are very peculiar taste. In this region lies oil, and water has flavor oil. Truskavets mineral waters belong to a class of treatment for permanent use are not suitable.
We decided that we had enough healthy, and be treated this water will not. We went to a nearby city - Borislav.

In 1772 Borislav became part of Austria-Hungary. Then extract oil, gas, mineral wax. In 1968 he reached maximum oil production 569 thousand tons per year. And in our time in the city is actively being oil. Even in the central park of the city are oil rigs. Even outside of private homes are oil pumps.  After Borislav we went to a small town - Skhidnicya. The village includes a large number of mineral springs. Try the local water, it looked like a Truskavets, other sources of water are hydrogen sulfide, ferrous water, water type Borjomi. Near all sources should turn. Some can stand for half an hour.
We bought food at the store and went in the reserve - Tustan.
Tustan - Historical and Cultural Reserve, on whose territory the number of rocks, which in ancient times were a fortress. Near Tustan arranged accommodation, a tour of the remains of the fortifications of Kievan Rus.

Tustan - frontier fortress of Kievan Rus. It took the tax for exported salt and other goods. The fortress was destroyed by the Mongol-Tatars.
After we went to Tustan Svaliava. In the most Svalyava not available mineral sources. A large number of mineral springs are located near the village Polana. Not far from Svalyava, near the station Carpathians in the ancient castle located resort Carpathians. The castle belonged to the dynasty of graphs Shenborniv who owned these lands.

The castle is in good condition. At the towers work hour arrangements, flower beds in the courtyard, in the lake swans swim.
After the castle went into town Mukachevo. City quite old, many beautiful buildings. In the evening went to the very edge of the country to the village Vilok (Tisaulak). It is situated on the border with Hungary. At 200 meters from the border we camped for the night.

The border guard advised us a comfortable place to sleep, consult on border issues. Near the customs checkpoint is a monument Turkul.

Although only the start of spring and the water is cold, I still bathed in the river Tisza.

 A few hundred meters of the border passes through the center of the River. The next morning we drove into town Hust, which are the ruins of an ancient castle that belonged to the family of Count Dracula.

The castle is situated on a lonely hill overlooking Hust. From the castle remained only a few walls, it is not protected and there is almost no organized tours are conducted.
From the Justa we went to the last point of our visit to Transcarpathia - the village Kvasy in which a many of mineral springs.

In the village there are several sources of delicious mineral water, which flows out of the ground already carbonation. We have here a few beautiful days, went into the mountains, drinking mineral water. Each time we return it there. This Carpathian village, I will devote a separate article and organize tour of mineral springs in Transcarpathia.

Mineral source.

Mineral source.

To be continued...