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About Ukraine

For a long time, Ukraine was unknown to many people. Times change, and now anyone can discover the largest European country. Ukraine is open for tourism and for the citizens of many countries do not need a visa to travel here. What you associate Ukraine? Many recalls at once the Soviet Union, the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, or the Klitschko brothers, or have no idea where it is. But it is quite close, in the heart of Europe. The geographical center of continental Europe is just located in Ukraine near the village of Dilove, near the border with Romania.
If only very briefly about the country, we can say the following: 
The area of Ukraine 603,7 thousand sq. km. 
population of 46 million 
Capital - Kiev 
borders Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Transnistria, Moldova, Russia and Belarus. 
washed by the Black and Azov Sea. 
Ukraine distinguish several historical and cultural regions: Western Ukraine, Central and South East. In each of them its own characteristics as cultural and socio economic.
How can you come to Ukraine?
In the country the most popular rail and a large part of the journey can take the train. In Ukraine, a broad gauge, which is different from the Western Europe. At the border on trains changing wheelsets. Most trains from western Europe arrive in Ukraine via Lviv or Uzhgorod. From there you can get almost any region of the country. Prior to Lviv can be easily reached by numerous bus or by air. The capital of Ukraine Kiev has convenient air links with many countries in the world.
Assumed that travel to Ukraine expensive, difficult to come to the country and can not find suitable housing. Much of this confusion, because in Ukraine the prices are much lower than in the EU, especially in transport and services sectors. For example, to get from Kiev to Kharkov possible within 6 hours and spending while about 10 euros. Orientation in the country is not difficult, almost anywhere in the country can be reached by rail or bus. With regard to housing - that, indeed, find a good and low cost is difficult. So the price for single rooms in a three-star hotel might be 30 euros per person on day. Rent apartment in Kiev would cost 20-25 euros per day, in Kharkov or Lvov in 20 euros. But you can always find a suitable and inexpensive option. This will help you a personal guide to Ukraine. 
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