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Crimea august 2009

My trip to the Crimea in August 2009
In late August we traditionally go to  Crimea. Got tickets for the train and a week went to Crimea. Summer is difficult to get tickets to the Crimea - no seats available, so we got tickets for a train that arrives at night. A little walk in the night Simferopol. And on the first trolley bus drove into a small mountain village - Perevalnoe.

The sun had not risen.

There were familiar landmarks near Ayan sources. We had to get water before getting into the mountains. Come on suitable road along the creek.

 The road passes through a tunnel. Roadside installed prohibition sign - the passage is closed, sanitary zone.

Get some water in the source and began to climb to the plateau Chatyrdag.

Although the end of the summer, but in the mountains are not very hot. After half an hour up to the average wage Chatyrdag. In the distance can be seen the upper plateau.

On the plateau many paths leading to the caves.

Suuk-Koba - cave

We found some caves, which you can enter without special equipment. Equipment I have only in my house in Kharkiv. A little dressing climbed into the cave. In the cave is much cooler. But almost no water. All Crimean plateau is no water. Entrance to the cave Bin Bash Coba.

 After visiting the caves we began climb to the upper plateau.

 From there, overlooking the half of the Crimean peninsula.

The descent took much less time. On the way met a large group of Polish tourists who descended to the Angarsk pass.

 We went down to the tourist park "Kutuzovsky Lake, but the lake dried up.

The marina is a source of drinking water. Night in the mountains, and in the morning decided to go to the sea. On the road runs through fields of lavender, which has already bloomed. Very strong smell of lavender.On the trolley went to Yalta, and from there by shuttle bus to the village Simeiz. Simeiz known mountain, like a cat drinking sea.

In the village many beautiful villas and houses of Russian writers, painters.

Near the central waterfront village stands a rock Diva. It rises above the sea to a height of 40 meters. On the shore of many stone slabs on which the tourists sunbathe. In the settlement the largest in Ukraine nudist and gay beach. On the mountain cat preserved remains of fortifications of the ancient tribes Tavros, laid ecological trail. That and I photographed a Tavrs home  4 century BC.

Above the cliff before our time is the defense stone. In the case of enemy attacks, the stone pushed over the cliff and caused the collapse.

From the mountain offers a magnificent view of the Southern coast of Crimea. That's not all my journey through the Crimea, to be continued.
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