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Video about Kharkov

Kharkov - the main economic and cultural center of the North-East of Ukraine.
Located in 478 km from Kiev. The city population more than 1500 000 people. From 1919 to 1934. Kharkiv was the capital of Ukraine. The city is situated between the rivers Uda, Kharkov and Lopan. Founded originally from the Right-Bank Ukraine, and was supposed to defend the southern borders of the Russian state from the raids of Crimean Tatars. In 1650  received the status of the city. But a military fort quickly became a trading and craft center. In 1765 became the center of the province. In 1805 at the initiative of a prominent scientist VN Karazin opened Kharkov University. This construction of the Kursk-Azov railway stimulated the intensive development of the city. The city has many historical and architectural monuments, parks, gardens. Of those allocated the 17 th century St. Basil's Cathedral and the Cathedral of the Assumption in 1778 with a bell tower erected in honor of the victory over Napoleon in the Patriotic War of 1812. In Kharkov, more than 20 universities, which are more than 300 thousand students, among them Kharkov University, NTU (HPI), Aerospace University, University of Radio Electronics and many others. In Kharkov, a Circus, Planetarium, Zoo, and several botanical gardens, among which the oldest in Ukraine Kharkiv University Botanical Garden. In 1975, Metro opened in Kharkiv. There are three branches of the subway has 28 stations. The town is notable for the fact that almost half section 50 parallel, which runs north HATOBa in the garden of them. TG Shevchenko. The city has the largest forest area, which reaches almost to the border with Russia. And, finally, the biggest square in Europe and second in the world is precisely in Kharkov. Freedom Square inferior in size only to Tiananmen Square in Beijing. The city has an international airport, railway station "Kharkiv passenger and a large network of intercity bus stations. This city is the largest transport center of eastern Ukraine. Kharkiv region bordering Lugansk, Donetsk, Dnipropetrovsk, Poltava, Sumy region, as well as the Belgorod region of Russia. Area of hilly and rugged valleys of the rivers, the largest of them Seversky Donets and Oskol. In the area there are two large deposits of mineral waters: Berezovsky and Rai-Elenovskij. Almost a third of natural gas produced in the territory of Ukraine have Kharkiv origin. Field is located on the border of the forest-steppe and steppe natural zones. The climate is temperate continental. Last year, falling 550 - 600 millimeters of precipitation. Of trees the most common pine, aspen, oak, hornbeam. Near the village of Great Gomolsha created only in the region a national park - NPP "Gomol'shanskie forests.
Monument mirror jet
Annunciation Cathedral
Liberty Square
Monument TG Shevchenko
fountain in the center