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Starunskiy mud volcano

Starunskih mud volcano is situated in. Starunov Bogorodchany district, Ivano-Frankivsk region. Geological monument of nature - a single and unique not only in the Carpathian region, but in the world. His appearance, he must first of all people. More than a century ago it began to develop oil and ozokeritnye field. Ground
water saturated with oxygen, is now penetrating deep into the earth for
a thousand meters, causing oxidation of oil, which produces the flow of
heat energy, which feeds a volcano.



New Volcano manifested itself in 1977 after the earthquake in Vrancea Mountains of Romania. Then the cone-shaped hill with a diameter of about 50 pm there were first craters, of which spilled liquid, dirt and gas. Since then, the volcano "breathes" through dozens of less-active mini-craters. However, available in starunskih ozokerit volcano, hot mud, water, high salinity have valuable medicinal properties.



Scientists, as always, have several points of view on the causes of this geological wonder. According to one hypothesis, the volcano was formed on the so-called saddle, ie convex structure, which has a few faults. And thanks to certain physical and chemical processes that take place at a depth of 600-1000 meters, occurring volcanic mud, mineral water, brines, there are formed compounds of lead, zinc, is the latest
manifestation of tectonics, young crustal movements.
For the first seven years, this area has risen by one meter.

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