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Mineral water. Truskavets Shidnetsya.

Truskavets - one of the largest spa resorts in Ukraine, famous for a variety of mineral waters, the most famous of which is Naftusya. This water, in combination with other natural healing factors, such as mineral baths, ozocerite-and physiotherapy, treats chronic inflammatory diseases.
In Naftusya Truskavets have the following healing waters:
"Mary", "Sofia". Widely used in concomitant diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Mineral water "Mary", and "Sophia" help restore the functional and organic status of organs and systems, which are often damaged during the flow of the underlying disease.
"Bronislaw". Mineral water from the source № 3 "Bronislaw" is used to rinse the throat and nasopharynx in the treatment of upper respiratory tract.
"Yusia. Mineral water "Yusia, containing the substance glycerine origin, a beneficial effect on the skin, giving it a special elasticity.

Morshin today - a small, comfortable town in 6000 residents with a well-established road and rail transportation. All resorts are located in a forested area, so the territory is always quiet and peaceful.
For Morshyn characterized by very high humidity (71-81% in winter, summer, 83%) and low atmospheric pressure, which during the year varies between 725-742 mm Hg High humidity is particularly noticeable in the morning and evening, the day it comes close to the optimum, therefore, despite the high air temperature in the morning and evening on the cool. The wettest months - August to October, dry - April-May. Cloudy days on average 99 per year, clear and sunny - about 98. Maximum cloudiness is observed in November, the minimum - in the July-September. The highest rainfall in Morshyn in late spring and summer, especially in June and July, the smallest - in the winter.

Near the town is located Truskavetc Skhidnicya. In this small town there is a large amount of mineral waters of different types. Near the sources are often long queues. As in Truskavets - water spa, therefore, for constant drinking is not suitable. It has a characteristic taste.
To try a good mineral water that pleasant to drink we went to Rakhiv region Transcarpathian region. We stopped for a few days in the village Kvasy.

In past years, we went to Kvasy. The best known source of Kvasov located near the railway, near the unfinished sanatorium.

 In the lightly doped source, arsenic water, with a pleasant taste. This year we stayed in kvas for several days and found a few mineral springs with carbonated water. There are ferruginous water is salty brines containing carbon dioxide. Water Kvasov have high taste. In a small territory, concentrated water.

Source: http://water Truskavets Morshin
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