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Need to know traveling to Ukraine

  • Most of the population in eastern Ukraine and in Kyiv speak Russian as a first language. Ukrainian is the first language in western Ukraine.  Local media use both languages, official documents are now in Ukrainian.  If you arrive unfamiliar with either language a phrase book or interpreter is almost essential. Not much English is spoken here.
  • Monetary unit of Ukraine - Hryvnia (UAN). Across the country can exchange foreign currency, the hryvnia. In each exchange office accepts Russia's ruble,  euro and U.S. dollars, many accept Pound. Some other currencies can be exchanged at bank branches. In the summer season in the Crimea, as well as in transit trains and at stations accept Russian Ruble.
  • In Ukraine, developed network of ATMs. Credit cards Ukrainian and foreign banks. International cards Visa and MasterCard are served everywhere. For withdrawals will be charged commission.
  • Ukraine is located in the northeast - the European time zone GMT +2. The country has a single time - Kiev.
  • Restaurant bills normally include a 5% service charge, however, you'll often find that a few extra hryvnias (10% suggested) can make your dining experience a lot more pleasurable.
  • 20 volts, 50Hz is the standard electrical voltage throughout Ukraine. To use electrical appliances you will need a converter as well as an Eastern-European plug adapter.
  • Ukraine forbidden to drink alcohol in public places.
  • In most cities tap water to boil or buy bottled.
  • Any local alcoholic drink is considered the best. It is imperative to try. If you give up - the owner might be offended. 
  • To order a taxi by phone is cheaper.
  • In the city's beaches are not taken to rest naked, that you can do in the dark, or "wild" beaches. There are many beaches in the Crimea.
  • In most of Ukraine's cities cost of dinner is 5-7 euro.
  • Summer prices in the Crimea unjustifiably high, especially for housing. The most reasonable prices in June - July. 
  • The longest trolleybus line in Europe, connects Simferopol and Yalta. Length trolleybus line is 70 km. Fare from Simferopol to Yalta  1,1 euro. 
  • Fare in the Kiev metro is 0,16 euro, in Kharkov - 0.14 in trams and trolleybuses 0,1 euro.
  • Horseshoe in the house - fortunately. If it weighs over the front door - will not let evil spirits.
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