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Castles of Western Ukraine. Kamenets-Podilsky  fortress.

In Western Ukraine, there are a large number of castles and fortresses. During the last hundreds of years, this land was on the border of three states and cultures. In our time, the most preserved Kamyanets-Podolskaya and Khotyn fortresses

One of the most famous fortresses of Ukraine is located in Kamyanets-Podilskyi. In the 14th century Lithuanian princes Koryatovichi built a fortress on the cape of the Smotrych river.

For a long time the fortress was a stronghold of Christianity, but later it was annexed by the Ottoman Empire. After the partition of Poland Kamyanets-Podolsky fortress lost its strategic importance. ... Read more »

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In the midle of august in the village Velukiy Buichkov make a nice folk cabbage rols festival.

In the sentral park near the border wiht Romaina are celebrating the day of the village. Folk music and national food in one place, really interesting to see.

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One day tour to Slaviyansk for a grup from 1 to 6 persons with transfer from Kharkov.

Slavyansk is a city that was under Russian occupation, and then freed Ukrainian army. A year Slavyansk lives a peaceful life, and only sometimes found marks of the recent war. After the occupation of the Crimea Russian terrorists suffered war in the Donbass, and the first war came in Slavyansk. Here the terrorists established their home base, they took the city under full control, carried out reprisals against pro-Ukrainian activists.

Few clips from Slavyansk during the Russian occupation, how its been...


... Read more »

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Ukraine - country of volunteers

It's no secret is that Ukrainian volunteers do most of the work to ensure the soldiers in the area of anti-terrorist operation. At first, they were sent to the front clothes and food, now volunteers are engaged in repair of military equipment, purchasing expensive equipment, construct drone, sand much more equipment. Now volunteers monitor the expenditure of funds in the Ministry of Defence. Several volunteer organizations a most efficient.

Phoenix wings foundation 

... Read more »

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3 days tour to Kiev
According program of this tour, personal guide meet you in airport and make transfer to your hotel.

If you arrive not so late can be short walking tour to Kiev city center and Euromaydan.

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Few years ago, the residence of Yankukovich in Mezhyhiria became a symbol of corruption and totalitarianism.
 We could not even dream that we can freely walk on lawns and parks Mezhyhirya. Now dreams come true and each Ukrainian and guests of country can see how lived Ukrainian dictator Yanukovych.
The residence located ten kilomete ... Read more »
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Exclusive Euromaydan  tour to Kiev.
This tour is especially for those who want to support democracy in Ukraine. Maidan - a unique phenomenon in Europe, it is not only a place, Maidan - process of building a democratic society.
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Only a two hour flight from Berlin or Frankfurt and you are transported to the banks of the Dnieper River in the capital of Ukraine - Kiev. Kiev is the source of the Slavonic culture, a city with an ancient history.

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Kharkov is the second largest city in Ukraine and the first capital of the country. 

You will visit Ukraine and like to know more about our history and try to  understand our traditions and culture - quick excursion to Kharkov city center - its a good idea for you.
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Excursion "Welcome to Kharkov". 35EUR.

This excursion in Kharkov created specially for visitors who came here first time.

Personal English speaking guide meet you in airport and organize transfer to hotel or apartments in city center. 
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